Code Sangalpam

This post was written by Salaikumar.

So, it was yet another sleepless night. It’s quite common to sleep late nights when you’re a bachelor. You will have the freedom to do things at your own pace and place. However, life changes after marriage and you may not have the same freedom.

It’s not that bad actually. Alright, enough of rants, let’s cut down to the chase.

Your coding style changes when you join an organization. There are enough stories out in the past and present. Promising companies have disappeared due to a messy codebase.

The codebase is the core of every software company out there as the codebase is what drives the product or service. It reflects the culture of the company.

I’d like to share with you a few short notes that helped me evolve as a better programmer, in this field:

  • I shall not write any code that is not testable
  • I shall not ship any workflow, untested
  • I shall not write any code that requires comments
  • I shall not write any code that’s not covering corner cases
  • I shall not ship any code that has not even a single test case
  • I shall not use any API without testing it
  • I shall not write any code, with assumptions on its input

That’s the “Code Sangalpam” I took, after learning my lessons. It helps me sleep peacefully on Friday nights.

Follow these commandments, and you can ensure there are no late night calls for a 500 error, due to a corner case.

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Share the Sangalpams of yours if any!